The 5 Best Fitness Motivation Videos | Stories of Strength + Overcoming Adversity

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Ever gotten a little dramatic or over-emotional over a workout? I know I have, and it can take me into a spiral of self-doubt and wondering why I bother exercising in the first place. “Why do I have to do this to myself?”, I think, as I angrily throw a barbell to the floor.

These lapses in motivation are nothing compared to what some people face – yet they still fight hard to train. They’ve overcome adversity like few of us have known and never use it as an excuse.

In this post I’ve compiled five of the videos that have really changed my perspective on working out. Yes, sometimes things are tough and workouts can hurt – but some people would kill for the opportunity to move their bodies in the way that I can, and these videos help remind me of this.

As you watch these videos, remember this – you don’t have to do it. You get to do it.

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YOGA: Win With Kismet

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Who wants to win some super soft, ethically produced yoga gear? I DO! Unfortunately though, I am not allowed to enter, as it is I running the giveaway. I knew I wanted to share Kismet Yoga after founder Sylvia contacted me with her inspirational story – from stressful job to running her own yoga business, it’s every rat-race-runners’ dream – and she has kindly agreed to let me run a Kismet giveaway for my readers.

Relaxing is hard whether you’re in a high-pressure job or not, so Sylvia started practising yoga to cope better with life’s pressures. “Right from the beginning I felt I would like to learn more. So I went several times to India, spent time in Mysore and did various retreats around the world, learning yoga philosophy and anatomy”. Combining this knowledge with a love of fashion and canny business sense, the idea of Kismet Yoga was born.

 photo kismet1_zpsb9d7e268.jpg

“I quit my job, went travelling, wrote the business plan, met the right people and made it happen. It was lots of work but as well some things happen magically and fall into place” – like I always say, trust in the process!

Sylvia says that hitting 40 was the catalyst to make her just “go for it”, but I think whatever age we are we can implement a little of Sylvia’s ethos into our own lives; she is proof that if you know your stuff, work hard and hobnob with the right people, what you want will happen.

Take a look below and tell me which top you would like to win – from left it’s Sita, Ria and Umasimply by commenting on this post. Please leave a method of contacting you should you win. Winner will be drawn out of a proverbial hat on the 4th of August.

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Good luck, yogis!


LIFE: Favourite Fitness Females

As a blogger myself, it can hardly be a secret that I love to read others’ blogs. But one of the reasons I started this blog is because I struggled to find fitness and health blogs I related to: many were not personal enough, with how-tos and recipes – which are great, but I want to hear about you, too! – and some were way too personal with a constant stream of self-indulgent ab and bicep photos.

I like bloggers who are fit, healthy, and happy; but who also have a life outside fitness and keep it real. I also love to see shiny bright new kit, but that’s the fashionista side of me coming out! Check out my three favourites below…

 photo c_zps9083960f.jpg
1) Blogilates: I won’t patronise you by explaining who Cassey is. Everyone knows she is the Queen of internet fitness, thanks to her chirpy, friendly manner and tough (but manageable!) YouTube workouts. Ever positive, the Blogilates community is growing exponentially and this has caused a few hiccups lately, but they’ve been handled beautifully by Cassey.

 photo pure5_zpsc51dd9b2.jpg
2) Lydia Elise Millen: Lydia has newly integrated her successful fashion blog with fitness content; she is relatively just starting her fitness journey and takes you along with her complete with gorgeous photographs. Despite being an absolute babe and clearly working hard for her body, Lydia is the first to admit it’s been a struggle for her, and inspires others with her honesty.

 photo f_zpscbd5fcea.jpg
3) Fitness On Toast: Faya trains hard, and will happily explain to you how to eat and work out right; always in brightly-coloured, highly enviable workout kit. A personal trainer by trade, you know you can trust in her advice. I’d love to be a client of Faya’s!

Who are your favourite fit bloggers? I’d love to find some new ones so drop links in the comments below.