Reebok Legacy Lifter Review | Are These The Weightlifting Shoes For You?

best weightlifting shoes

So you’ve decided you want to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes. That’s awesome – time to get under the bar fast and lift heavy! While a pair of shoes isn’t going to turn you into an Olympian overnight, different shoes will suit different people. The Reebok Legacy lifter are pretty different to all the other lifting shoes in the market, so now I’ve been wearing them for a solid year I thought I’d put together a full review of the shoe and how it compares to other lifters. Read on and make your own decision!

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A Very CrossFit Christmas | 2017 Gift Guide for the Avid CrossFitter

crossfit christmas gift guide

Since it’s now December 1st we can now officially start talking about Christmas – woohoo! In every store is the latest must-have toys, tech, and beauty products,just waiting to be chosen as a gift by the perfect receiver.

But what do you do if the person you’re buying a gift for’s interests are a little less mainstream? I can’t really help if their hobby is Warhammer, planespotting, or backgammon.. but I CAN help if they are into CrossFit, as so am I, and I, too, want stuff for Christmas. Read on to find out the best gifts you can buy your CrossFitting loved one this Christmas! View Post

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What I Wish I Knew When I Was A CrossFit Newbie

things i wish i knew about crossfit

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? And so is learning from others’ mistakes – or at least it would be, if we actually did. We humans are far too egotistical, always thinking we know best and that the mistake won’t happen to us. Maybe that’s just me, but I’d be surprised if it was.

I still think I’m very new to CrossFit, but I’ve been doing the sport for nearly two years now, and yep, I’ve made mistakes – despite coaches and peers warning me. I’ll probably make a lot more mistakes, too, but hopefully not the very same ones again.

I’m going to drop some knowledge bombs from my two years here: if you’re anything like me, you’ll read and ignore, choosing to do your own thing. But maybe you’re a newbie CrossFitter who’d really like to do things right the first time, in which case this advice might just benefit you – but either way, read on to hear about my mistakes at least!

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That Time I Trained With Two-Time Fittest Woman On Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir

train with katrin davidsdottir

Katrin Davidsdottir is a two-time Fittest Woman on Earth. This doesn’t come from genetics, or luck, or from doing a bit of exercise here and there. It comes from strategic training, eating, and sleeping, and a strong network around you, supporting you whatever happens.

I know that already. You know that. But thinking you know what somebody’s life is like and actually experiencing it are two very different things. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the champ – to find out what she really eats (a lot at breakfast, for one), how she trains, and how her network operates around her – and I was amazed by her quiet determination and focus.

Here, I’ve documented a workout I did with her – which for her was just a warmup, and one that keeps her ticking over on active rest day – so you can hear for yourself what kind of athlete she really is. Maybe you could even give the workout a go yourself..!

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Les Mills ONE Live Manchester | Or… What Not To Do On A Hangover

one live manchester

Hey, you know what’s not a great thing to do the night before going to do an entire day full of Les Mills classes? Buy two bottles of wine between three of you, then drink the majority of it yourself. Ouch.

Yeah, I spoiled something I had really been looking forward to by giving myself a rotten wineover. I had an absolute ball at the last ONE Live I went to in London, so when I heard that Manchester was confirmed I got myself Pump-ed and prepared for a day full of Les Mills classes.

I had a bit of a revelation on Saturday, though, when I realised why I loved ONE Live so much, and maybe my wineover fit with the revelation more than I previously thought it would..

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Reebok Yoga Cloudpants Review

 photo 6e61dfe47bff53002b6681db3c1773fc_zps7a4cbc6e.jpg

I’m an avid follower of Tara Stiles on Instagram. She has a fantastic lifestyle, which comes from working hard as a yoga instructor, and her health and vitality just shine through. Ain’t no Insta-filter that can provide that glow.

Her lifestyle comes through sheer hard work, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a little slice of that? To be a little bit like your idols – whether it be attaining their form in yoga poses, or maybe wearing the same pants as them. That’s why celebrity endorsements work so well. And whilst I’m normally immune to that sort of thing, when it came to the Reebok and Tara collaboration.. I was sold.

These cloud pants showed up more and more in her Insta feed, and I gradually became obsessed. I was sad to find they weren’t available in my size on the European website – but I took a chance and went a size down. Now I’m glad I did, because they fit perfectly! They look tiny though are really stretchy when put on, but don’t go see-through at all; there’s also no draw-string which I thought would be an issue, as they are so high waisted I don’t foresee this being a problem.

I will report back post-workout to let you know how they fare! If you’re in Europe and a size L or XL, they’re still available here. Otherwise, America you have the full size allocation (if you’re a half size, go down). Lucky you!

 photo f84c936d9a14135cbe25d83be9790c63_zps6bfdd207.jpg
 photo c4cddb2ce233640c668bab024f434530_zpsf739ce87.jpg
 photo 381b8550a535dc118949a06359fbf2c3_zps30ba3784.jpg

Image of Tara from her Instagram feed; also check out her NYC studios, Strala.