How Was Your Year? Why Reflection Is Important + How To Self-Reflect

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How was your year? Mine was a pretty busy one! From work projects to CrossFit competitions to travelling, things have been non-stop, and honestly I haven’t had much time to reflect on my progress and assess where I was headed.

It’s so important to self-reflect, so this year I’m going to dedicate some time to it, and ensure I’m working towards my goals rather than shooting off in random directions.

Read on to find out why reflection is so important and the best techniques to use to self-reflect on your own year.

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Mind Games | Why I Think Olympic Lifts Are Hard To Learn

learning olympic lifting

Without a doubt my favourite part of CrossFit is the Olympic lifting. It’s something about the explosiveness, the power of getting something that heavy over your head, and above all it’s the refined technique that I love the most; the fact that you really need to put in the graft and learn these lifts. There’s no luck involved.

There’s a myth that CrossFitters have bad Oly form but that’s just not true – my coaches are obsessed with not only our technique but their own technique too, and give very insightful pointers. It might be easy to do your first couple of Olympic lifts, but once you start reaching heavier weights you realise that good form is everything – there’s no cutting corners with these kind of dynamic lifts.

Taking a step away from the fact-based how-tos on the blog of late, I’m having a little ramble on why I think learning to Olympic lift is so hard, and in turn, why learning in general can be so hard too. This is just my opinion on why I think I find Olympic lifting challenging so I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions on this, and whether it’s something you experience too. View Post