Do Couples Who Train Together Stay Together? | Valentine’s Day Special

train together stay together

“I didn’t realise you had a boyfriend!”, a work friend said to me the other day. “I’ve never seen him on your Instagram”.

With my Instagram being almost entirely fitness-focused, it’s no surprise my boyfriend doesn’t feature on there – despite being together for over 7 years, we don’t train together. Sure, he enjoys going to the gym and keeping active, but because of our personalities our joint training sessions can often lead to frustration.

Valentine’s Day seemed a good a day as any to address this. Do couples who train together stay together? What if you don’t? What if your other half doesn’t train at all?

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LIFE: Fit in London

 photo ldn_zps9ab9937e.jpg

Lately I’ve been working on a super exciting project with sportswear designer Charli Cohen and personal trainer Christina Howells. Meet That Girl London – a high-intensity workout for busy women on the go, in GIF format!

Being in Manchester, I work remotely on the project, mainly playing with the social media, blog, and backend of the website; but last week I had the opportunity to go to London to meet with Charli and discuss the project and brand requirements in more detail. I took the chance to try out the super-hyped Psycle class (read my review here, no phones allowed in class so no sweaty selfie!), have a nosy around Kensington’s incredible Equinox gym, and also go to Whole Foods. It’s almost a good thing that we don’t have Whole Foods up North as I would undoubtedly be spending a lot of money there! This time I managed to curb my spending at seven quid, but could have easily bought half the shop.

I also enjoyed a few freshly pressed juices, which are pretty readily available in London. I do love it down there and it certainly suits my lifestyle – but I won’t be moving away from Manchester anytime soon! I can’t cope with the stuffy, claustrophobic tube; if I was a London-dweller it would be a run-commute all the way. For now enjoy my ‘fitness tourist’ photos – I still need to try out the rest of the capital’s fitness frenzies, so I will be visiting again soon for sure!

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 photo image_zps029ebb63.jpg
 photo image_zps6e465dc8.jpg
 photo image_zpsc2f96186.jpg